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mathew d. seal - bass


Born and raised in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom and moved to London at the age of 19. Mathew was immersed in music from an early age, performing with bands and recording in studios for a variety of artists. 


Through his studies in London he graduated with a Bachelors of Music and the Best Bassist award, In his studies he was able to create a network of top musicians which have helped him kickstart his career.


Whilst in London, Mathew has worked in the session scene and played for a variety of artists including the award winning Matt Annecharico, Matilda Gracia, Oscar Corney, Days Indoors, Gabriela Eva and Alex Cambridge to name few.


Mathews most recent work has found him working as an MD for artists under the record label Dreamscope Media Group ltd, ranging from Neo Soul to Latin Rock and Pop. Currently Mathew is continuing to work deep in the session scene of London and around the U.K.

tech  spec



Overwater Custom Jazz V

Fender USA Precision 

Ibanez BTB1606



Markbass LMT800

Eich 112XS



Korg Pitchblack+ Tuner

EBS MultiComp

Boss RC-1 

Miguel Tavares - Drums

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Miguel Tavares is a 22 years old portuguese drummer based in London. He started playing drums when he was 13 years old and has had a very wide range of different experiences on gigs, recordings, radio and television shows, and so forth.

His first drum teacher was João Figueiredo and it was through him that Miguel realised he wanted to be a professional drummer. After 2 years, he started to have lessons with a New York Collective's founding member, Michael Lauren, passing him knowledge into the world of jazz and how it can apply into so many other styles of music


After finishing the 2nd level of jazz performance from the school of Hot Club Portugal, he's now living in London, where he graduated from the music university ICMP and where he's currently and professionally playing with many different artists across different music genres, such as Rock, Pop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, etcetera.

-Drum kit: PDP 805 20" 12" 14"
-Lavareda Drums Custom Snare 14"x6.5", 8 plies of maple + 5 of reinforced edges

-14" Soultone Natural Hats

-21" Soultone Extreme Ride

-18" Soultone Extreme Crash

-17" Soultone FXO Crash

-Roland SPD-SX for custom samples or backing tracks, including a bass drum trigger

-Metronome tracks


Jozef  Veselsky - Guitars

tech  spec


Jozef is a guitarist hailing from Slovakia.

After finishing his degree at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance he has been collaborating with a number of musicians, focusing primarily on original music, having been member of Explicit Content, Robin Howard's band, currently Heist at Five, Marianna Zappi and Lizzie Mack.

Quite notably, Jozef has also collaborated with a finalist of Voice of Czechoslovakia and now a rising star, Veronika Strapkova. Having been in these and many more scenarios,


Jozef is a versatile player, covering styles from rock and metal through funk, pop, rnb to hip hop and more. 

Guitars - Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster

 Amp: Ibanez TSA 15 H

Cab: Harley Benton 112 vintage

 Pedalboard: Dunlop ZW44 wah, Blackstar HT dual (drive), TC electronic NM1 Nova Modulator, Digitech Jamman delay

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